Robin Sandau 26/11/2022

Thanks again for the very memorable  tour of Crete. We enjoyed your company (and your family) on the island. Very special!  

Come visit us in Canada 🇨🇦 and be our guest next time. 

Cheers (Yamas)

Robin and Liz 

Travis Burke 28/03/2022

Just finished an amazing week in Crete including ski touring with Konstantinos Marmatzakos of Cretan Adventures. They were wonderful at providing an itinerary that matched the locations and days (Psiloritis and Lefka Ori) when I could ski! They even helped out when I was unable to bring my own skis! Kostas was a great guide, making good decisions in exciting weather conditions, and we managed to find the best snow on the last run–right near the top of the Samaria Gorge! I wholeheartedly recommend Cretan Adventures and Kostas! Great times all around, and I will definitely be back!

Renata SÅ‚owik 27/06/2021

Thanks for a great experience. For a person like me who did it for the very first time the beginning was a Little bit scary but our guide, Kostas, was so calm and patient that I had a really great time and felt super safe. See You next time somewhere on Crete!

twin2sg 15/10/2020

Thank you Kostas for an amazing 3 days – we have learned so much & can’t wait to come back to Crete & climb with you again! You have given us so many useful pointers to take back home on both climbing technique & safety aspects. We will always do the figure of eight knot your way now & practice the different ways of bailing safely! The best rock climbing experience outdoors – we will be back ❤️☺️

Oisin Parkinson-Coombs 4/8/2020

Had a great time with Kostas as our guide in Agiofarago. Me and a novice climber went out. Kostas was helpful, and knew to give advice and help to my friend, but also to let me figure out the climbs myself (after he saw that I could) – the point being that he adapts to your needs and desires very easily. Would recommend!

Stephanie Siebert 7/9/2019

Wow a great company and what a great guide, Kostas is an awesome climber, very experienced, very calm and very nice and so good with kids too. Our son needed some encouragement every now and then and he absolutely nailed it through the way he spoke to him, interacted with him, actually with both kids, gave some good advice as well, perfect.And for us it was great too, great help and advice. So as a family we really enjoyed our rock climbing experience, thank you!

Stassja22 5/2019

Our family of four went rock climbing with Kostas near Heraklion and absolutely loved it. He was perfect working with the kids and set up four top ropes for us to try that were the right level of difficulty for adults and kids. We felt very relaxed and safe and made some great memories climbing outdoors. Thank you!