Canyoning Eliya

Rappelling the 55m water fall

The gorge of Eliyas is located south of the Asterousia mountain range and west of the summit of Kofinas (1231m). It begins at an altitude of 570m, and ends at the sea east of the settlement of Agios Ioannis. It is one of the most well-known and first explored gorges on Crete. It was first explored in 1997 by Zbynek Cepela. It is a typical canyon of the Asterousia mountain range, with long descents at the beginning, solid limestone and spectacular views of the Libyan Sea. It is of level V4.A1.III. To cross it you will need 4-5 hours. The descent ends at an altitude of 190 meters, where there is a marked path for the exit from the gorge. This trail takes 25 minutes of hiking with an altitude difference of 100 meters. From that point, the canyon continues on foot for approximately 2 km to the beach. Next to the settlement of Agios Ioannis, where guests can enjoy a swim in the Libyan Sea and a meal at the local tavern.

Technical Data:

  • Number of abseils: 10
  • Height of longer abseil: 55m
  • Duration of activity: 5-6 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate. In addition to a basic physical condition, all participants must have experience in rope handling and canyoning techniques.
    Not suitable for people who are afraid of heights or suffer from vertigo.
  • 1 participant – 240 euros
  • 2 participants – 120 euros/person
  • 3 participants – 100 euros/person
  • 4 participants – 90 euros/person
  • More than 4 persons/families – Please contact