Rock Climbing Crete – Voulismeno Aloni

Rock climbing at Voulismeno Aloni

“Voulismeno Aloni” in Greek means a threshing floor in a depression but this is not what it really is. The structure used to be a cave. Nowadays, it represents a karstic depression (doline) that was created when the cave ceiling collapsed.

It is a popular sport climbing crag, just 14 km from the center of Heraklion. It offers a wide range of climbing opportunities for all levels, from easy routes for beginners to challenging overhanging routes for experienced climbers. The rock is of good quality and the approach is straightforward, making it a great destination for a day of climbing. The scenic area also makes it an enjoyable experience for families and groups.


  • 1 participant – 240 euros
  • 2 participants – 120 euros/person
  • 3 participants – 100 euros/person
  • 4 participants – 90 euros/person
  • More than 4 persons/families – Please contact