Rock Climbing – Agiofarago

Testing the sea cliffs of Agiofarago.

Agiofarago is located about 70 km south of Heraklion, and it is one of the places one has to visit when on Crete! Agiofarago, which means gorge of the Saints, is a short, but picturesque gorge located on the south side of the island, in a mountain range called Asterousia. It was used as a shelter by the monks of Odigitria monastery.

As a climbing destination, Agiofarago is probably the best crag on Crete. With more than 120 bolted routes, from really easy to super difficult, Agiofarago is suitable for children and beginners to advanced climbers! The rock is limestone with excellent grip! The views from the crag are also stunning, making Agiofarago an ideal destination for climbers who want to take in the incredible scenery of Crete.

Here you can climb all year round!


  • 1 participant – 240 euros
  • 2 participants – 120 euros/person
  • 3 participants – 100 euros/person
  • 4 participants – 90 euros/person
  • More than 4 persons/families – Please contact