Sfakia Sky Marathon

What a way to end the season!

Since “Sfakia Sky Marathon” was announced, I was thinking I would like to run (or at-least try to) but the timing was wrong! I was in the middle of the my working season, I was not in shape, and I had no time to prepare my self for a trail running race like this.

Nevertheless, the event was programmed for October 30, and that was the end of the busy season. I had to test myself against Lefka Ori (White Mountais), the mountain range where the event takes place, the 43 km of distance, the 3.000 meters of positive, and 2.400 meters of negative altitude difference.

So that rainy Saturday morning I was on the boat from Sfakia to Loutro, where the start of the race was! I remember joking with some of the participants just before the start, and then trying hard to complete the event. There was rain, fog, mud, and a lot of rocks! However, everyone was in good mood, and the volunteers at the food station, and the check points, were very helpful. Τhe whole event was very good. The only downside, in my opinion, was that the route was not circular but forth and back. Still, in the end it left me the best memories!

A hard but beautiful trail running race. “Sfakia Sky Marathon” was the best way to end my season working us a trekking guide!

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