Hiking Eleutherna – Margarites

Ancient Eleutherna is located 25km southeast of Rethymno and relatively close to the Monastery of Arkadi. It was built between 970 – 820 BC by the Dorians (northern Greeks) that came to the island during that period. The city was one of the strongest and richest cities of Crete. It had a port that was located at Fodele bay. Through that port, the city could trade and communicate with the rest of the cities on Crete, continental Greece, Cyprus, and even cities in Africa.

Starting from the small village Eleutherna, we shall hike through the ruins of the ancient city, where you will have the opportunity to admire the Byzantine tower at the city’s entrance, the Roman reservoirs, and tunnels, the acropolis, and the Hellenistic bridge. Hiking through the beautiful countryside we end up at the pottery village of Margarites, where we can enjoy a soft drink/coffee or even a lunch.

At Margarites you have the choice to visit the ceramic workshops and be introduced to the traditional art of pottery which is flourished there from the Minoan period until nowadays.

The hike takes about 4 hours, and it is family friendly!

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