Rock Climbing Crete – Theriso Gorge

Rock climbing at Theriso Gorge

In Chania you can try rock climbing in Theriso Gorge. Theriso Gorge is located just a 15 minute drive from the center of Chania city. The place is easily accessible by a well-paved road leading from Chania to Theriso village. This village had an active role in the struggle for the independence of Crete from the Ottomans and its reunion with Greece. In itself, the gorge is characterized by amazing natural beauty and you can climb there almost any time of the day. The area provides a unique opportunity for climbers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, as it offers a wide range of routes, with different levels of difficulty, from easy to difficult. It also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is an ideal place for a day out in nature.


  • 1 participant – 240 euros
  • 2 participants – 120 euros/person
  • 3 participants – 100 euros/person
  • 4 participants – 90 euros/person
  • More than 4 persons/families – Please contact